Living a dream....♥

Did I really just wake up in Madrid….?

I couldn’t believe that I was in a hotel in Madrid when I woke up this morning. I had gotten a good nights rest and I was excited for what we had ahead of us. The hotel provided us with breakfast and then we had a meeting with the API directors (my study abroad program). After that we had a little free time to roam the city for an hour so we checked out a lot of shopping areas. All I saw earlier today was REBAJAS REBAJAS! Which means sales! I was so tempted to buy sooo many things. Gabby talked me out of buying these boots that were on sale for 18 euros!! Ahh I guess I’ll save the shopping until I get to Sevilla, but I have to get it out of my system soon because all of these great sales will be ending at the end of the month.

Around 12:30 we walked to the Prado Museum. It was interesting to see but after a while it got a little boring listening to the tour guide in Spanish, only being able to decipher every few words here and there. I’ve never been too into the arts anyway but it was an experience! What I loved the most today was when we went to visit the Royal Palace!! I’ve never seen something so beautiful, every room had SO much detail. There were paintings everywhere, even on the ceilings and lots of gold! Even outside of the palace the scenery was amazing, you could see the whole town.

Well I have so much more to tell but its 4 in the morning here and I have to get up around 7am tomorrow…Yikes! Hopefully I can get some time to put some pictures up soon. Adios!

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